Never Say These 5 Things When You’re Selling Your Product

A bunch of neon signs that all say "sale"

Good writing can make or break a website — take it from someone whose entire career has been dedicated to writing for international brands. These 5 things are big no-nos when it comes to selling your product, but here’s 5 alternative approaches you can use instead.

What is Marketing and Why Do People Hate It?

A woman shop owner standing in a store front where she's marketing her products.

Plenty of business use shady marketing practices — but marketing itself is vital to every business. Here’s an intro to the basics and how you can use them in a positive way to boost your business.

How to Write to the Benefits of your Product

An amber bottle photographed on a bed of pink rose petals.

People have a lot of misconceptions about what marketing is and how it should work. Today, we’re exploring the reasons why you should write about the benefits of your product or service, rather than the features.