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Drifter coffee - newsletter

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Drifter Coffee is an inclusive, female-owned coffee shop in Ferndale, Michigan. It’s a feminist, LGBTQ-friendly space that’s become a community hub, with multiple events happening there each week. 

During the pandemic slump of February 2022, I worked with the owner to create a regular newsletter for her dormant email list. We wanted to encourage people to visit, increase attendance to events, and keep customers up-to-date on regular menu changes. And most importantly, we wanted to keep the tone of the newsletters friendly, progressive and memorable, just like the spirit of the coffee shop itself. 

Between February and November 2022, I designed, planned and wrote 10 newsletters for Drifter, which improved their email open rate by 30%, boosting repeat visits to the shop.

"Coffee Break #1: Seeds, beans and 3d printing"

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"🌧 🌦☀️ Coffee Break #2: rain or shine 🌧 🌦☀️"

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"Coffee Break #3: the teenage squirrels are back"

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