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h miller ink - about me page

Heather Miller smiling for the camera with a sketchbook on her lap.

I had the amazing fortune to meet Heather Miller when we were both working for a big Detroit ad agency. Her energy, warmth and creativity drew me in right away. Have you ever met a person and immediately thought, “I want to be their friend?” It was fate. 

We both struck out on our own around the same time. Her hand-drawn illustration business reflects her personality and character so well, she wanted to make sure her About Me page captured all the things that make her art special, while outlining the kinds of brand partnerships she was looking for. 

It’s so much easier to write about another person’s strengths with clarity than it is to write about your own. So I got to work writing a bio page for H Miller Ink that would convey all the intangible things that make Heather special and her illustration captivating. (I promise you, it wasn’t hard.)

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