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Heartland RVs - Brand brochure

As part of a brand refresh, Heartland wanted to streamline its communications to customers in a handsome new print piece. With nearly two dozen sub-brands and hundreds of RV models, we focused on what ties them all together: Heartland itself.

Over a 14-page spread, I created brochure copy that touched on the most important aspects of the brand, such as their brand promise, product innovations, high-quality manufacturing and materials, excellent customer service, diversity of designs, vibrant community of owners and the history of the company.

The overall tone was warm, welcoming and service-oriented, with a focus on eye-catching headlines and succinct copy that covered a lot of ground in a brief amount of space. Once printed, the brochure was sent to dealerships across the country for dealers to hand out to prospective customers to give them a better sense of the brand and its priorities.  

Brand brochure

Use the PDF viewer below to zoom and scroll through the brochure double spreads.