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Saffron & Salt - about Us page

Fledgling condiment company Saffron & Salt was founded by an amazing woman, Ashley Priest. Inspired by her grandmother, Ashley developed a signature recipe for jarred candied jalapeños that became her product. 

Building a business is a lot of work, and branding is no exception. As she went through the process of refining a logo, packaging and printed materials, we talked about how she wanted to position her brand. A little bit vintage, a little spicy and a little sweet, we wanted Ashley’s personality to shine through in her About Us page, while positioning her brand as having a nostalgic but modern flavor.

I leaned into crafting a story about her Grandma Margret and Grandpa Francis from the details she shared with me, and a story came to life — a story of female ingenuity, family traditions and the value of doing things the old fashioned way to create a superior product today. 

The Saffron & Salt is currently being developed for a product launch in 2023, so I’ve added the About Us copy in plain text below. 

I also wrote a blog post about the exact steps I took revising  the rough draft to tell a more compelling story, which you can read here.

I’m Ashley Priest, the owner of Saffron and Salt. My mission is to create unique condiments that draw on nostalgia to create innovative products that bring unexpected flavors to everyday meals.

Saffron and Salt was founded in honor of my Grandma Margret. She and my Grandpa Francis loved planning and attending to their elaborate gardens every summer, where they would grow produce to sell at their roadside stand. Grandpa Francis loved to sit in the shade at the roadside stand, making friends with strangers and showing off the best of their homegrown fruits and vegetables. Meanwhile, Grandma Margret would be elbow-deep in dirt in the garden or sweating over a hot stove in the kitchen, canning their bounty for the winter months.

Every year, my mom would drag my siblings and me to grandma’s house to help with the gardening and canning. She thought it would build good character, and I think she was right – there’s no greater test of fortitude than standing over a steaming canning bath in late August in a house with no air conditioning. The thing I looked forward to the most was being done, when my grandma would serve up cold, refreshing ice cream with raspberries picked fresh that day.

Despite the physical discomfort of a mass canning operation, when I look back on those memories now, it just makes me appreciate my Grandma Margret so much more. She instilled in me a love of homegrown produce and an appreciation for the kinds of recipes passed down from generation to generation.

Love of food and a sense of tradition is the foundation and inspiration for Saffron and Salt. I want each and every customer to experience the flavors of our condiments and partake in my family traditions – minus the labor. Our signature Candied Jalapeños are inspired by Grandma Margret and a recipe she held dear. Sharing them with the world is my way of honoring her and the lessons she taught me for years to come.

You can find Saffron and Salt products at Royal Oak farmer’s market, local retailers across Southeast Michigan and online. Try them on your morning eggs, in sandwiches, or stirred into your favorite chili recipe. We’d also love to hear about the creative ways you’re using our products, so email us at and share your signature recipes.