Cadillac – Sustainability

Cadillac – Sustainability Commitments With the winds of change blowing the automotive industry toward new models of energy use, Cadillac needed a landing page detailing their commitments to sustainability.  I wrote copy outlining the scope of their current efforts and pledges: an entire lineup of luxury electric vehicles by 2030, 100% renewable energy by 2025, […]

Heartland RVs – Sustainability

Heartland RVs – Highlighting Sustainability Heartland wanted to draw attention to their new, improved and future sustainability efforts and goals. One thing all campers have in common is a love of nature, and Heartland is always looking for ways to help preserve our most valuable resource.  I helped create a page detailing the many ways […]

Heartland RVs – SEO Pages

Heartland RVs – Boosting search performance Heartland RV is among the biggest RV manufacturers in the world. But with competing RV brands, dealerships and independent camping lifestyle sites, they needed to improve their rankings in search engine results.  Across seven carefully curated search terms, I wrote SEO-rich pages designed to both educate future RV buyers […]