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Jen ludwig
owner of engage shift thrive

“I am a new entrepreneur with a LOT of ideas and perfectionistic tendencies around writing. I’ve been eager to put myself out there in order to connect with clients. However, I’ve struggled with decision-making about how to best direct my efforts given limited time and marketing experience. After over-thinking and over-researching on my own, Lana was a breath of fresh air! 

“I shared my general goals and a list of questions I’d been stuck on in advance of our first session and we walked through them one by one. She provided thoughtful, tailored guidance and action items for me to complete on my own. I left with much more confidence I’ll be able to market my business effectively and am excited to continue partnering with Lana as I move forward.”

Farheen Gill
marketing consultant

“Lana understands marketing and customer segmentation in a profound way, helping you to achieve real business goals. She is collaborative in nature and allows for a free flow of ideation allowing you to stay in control of your branding while providing innovative techniques to take you to the next level. I would recommend Lana to anyone looking to amplify their brand voice and grow their business.”

Ashley alexander
owner of saffron & Salt

“Lana made me feel very safe and like my “stupid” questions were completely normal questions to ask. Lana helped me brainstorm some ideas for my website which has been a road block for me. Lana put marketing terms into digestible words that made it easy to understand and then find a way to apply it to my small business. She went above and beyond with developing a list of things I don’t want and then creating ideas for things that maybe I do want.

“Overall, spending one hour with Lana felt like time stood still and we made so much progress in such a short amount of time. Best of all I left our meeting feeling reinvigorated and motivated to make my website and small business better!”

Cheryl ball
digital publishing consultant

“When my work situation suddenly changed and I had to get my new business rolled out two months before planned, Lana stepped me through the process of getting started, helped me see the big picture of priorities, and created a clear-as-day roadmap that has proven to be an invaluable tool in jumpstarting my website. Working with Lana means working with a collaborator who is patient, calm, and understanding of my needs and who always delivers!”